The Binder Project

One of the most rewarding efforts to come from the BGA is The Binder Project.  Every aspect of our industry uses binders, big and small.  Many times, when a show closes, or a reading is over, the binders aren’t necessary and take up a lot of room in a storage  closet, or in a New York apartment, so they end up going out in the trash.  Then they’re expensive to buy again the next time they’re needed.  The Binder Project offers a great solution!  Visit the 15th floor of Equity at 165 West 46th Street, and pick up as many binders as you might need for a workshop, a reading, organizing payroll, your lighting plot, your dance captain notes, your calling script, your costume bible.  When you no longer need the binder or binders, bring them back to Equity, and they’ll go back into the pool for the next person or show to use.

The Binder Project is open to any theatre professional.

Written and Edited by Katherine McNamee

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