What the BGA Has Been Doing This Year…

Textile Drive: The Biggest Loser

New York State landfills lost 2,250 pounds thanks to this year’s Textile Drive. On Sept 15 from 11 am – 1 pm, members of ten shows and eight costume shops, along with individual fans, donated 2,250 pounds of textiles and fabric which were then given to Wearable Collections, who will keep 96% of what we collected out of landfill. Some of those contributors include B & J Fabrics, Barbara Matera’s, Euroco, Wicked Design Studio, New York Elegant, John Kristiansen, Eric Winterling, Mendel Goldberg and Tricorne.

Bike To Broadway Month: Get Fit, Go Green

From Sept. 7 through Sept 23, The Times Square Alliance, Transport Alternatives and the Marriott Marquis Hotel provided free valet parking (complete with white gloves) in the evenings for bike riders. This offer was also extended to those who rode their bikes to Broadway On Broadway. Bike To Broadway was a great way to get ready for the National Bike Month next May. Not sure where to leave your bike once you get to the theatre? Did you know all parking garages must now accept bicycles? Prices vary so check with your local garage. Also, many theatres, like the St. James, have started installing bike racks. Let your theatre manager know that members of your company would use these if they were available at your theatre.

Broadway Flea Market: BGA helps BC/EFA.

At the Broadway Cares Flea Market this year, BGA sold recyclable tote bags, memo pads made from program stuffers and homemade baked goods raising a total of $950. We were all proud to participate in helping BC/EFA raise the funds that help support us. The BGA is now an official program of Broadway Cares.

Written by James Hindman & Terry Berliner  Edited by Lisa Goldberg

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